How to Position Your Business to Charge Premium Prices

Learn how to position your products and services to support higher prices.

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“I can’t raise my prices… my clients would leave me if I charged more.” she said.

I was sitting across from “April,” an insanely talented weight loss coach, who was just 3 months into building her own health and wellness business.

“Sure you can, it’s all about positioning.” I replied.

Over the next 2 hours we dialed in exactly who she served, restructured her messaging, and crafted a client experience that demanded a price 2-3x what she was changing by focusing on EXACTLY what her ideal client wanted.

Now just 14 months out from our positioning conversation, April’s business is thriving, she’s working with a couple celebrities, and she just recently implemented a wait list to work with her at her new higher rate. (thanks in part to the referral engine.)

Now I promised that I wouldn’t go into any more specifics about April’s business, but I can share with you the same strategy I used (at a high level) to reposition her business.

But first a note:

A few of my friends have seen this video and said it I should have made it the backbone of a paid course on positioning.

That said, do me a huge favor and share it with a friend you think should be charging more... the more shares it get's the better I'll feel about giving it away for free. ;)

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Key Take Away:

Your prices determine your client’s expectations of your work and relationship together.

If you’re pricing yourself against like a low tier [what you do], then clients think they should treat you like one.

Raising your prices will not only help you do more meaningful work, but it also allow you to do better work.

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Positioning Questions?

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Published: 2014-03-07