I believe that with guts and hustle anyone can live an uncommonly good life.

I am currently 100% focused on simplifying the process for finding internet access in the US. This mission has spawned two major sites which are powered by incredible team of globally distributed rockstars:

  • BroadbandNow.com - The most trusted and unbiased source for broadband information in the US. We power 10s of millions searches for internet access each year while leveraging more than a billion rows of data under the hood.
  • BusinessInternet.com - Newly launched in 2017, this site is focused specifically on simplifying the process of shopping for business internet access as it can be much more complex than residential internet.

What's On This Website?

Between 2012 and early 2015 I wrote extensively about tiny tweaks that small businesses could use to increase their effectiveness. Most of these guides focus on how to more effectively look at pricing, promoting, and packaging products and services.

Years later, 10s of thousands of people a month still read these articles and watch the videos. While these resources don't reflect my current focus, they continue to help people so I don't see a reason to take them down.

If this is what you came for, I encourage you to start with the "best of" page or to dig into the archives.