Hey! My name is Nick Reese. I'm a entrepreneur, marketer, and javascript developer.

I'm currently focused on building ElderGuide.com which uses data to help families make informed decisions around senior care and FindEnergy.com which uses government data to bring transparency to the energy industry.

You can read more about me, my projects, and along with some of my thoughts/videos below.


Lessons From Building a Static Site Generator

The backstory behind Elder.js and the thinking behind the 5 biggest design decisions.

How to Generate More Referrals For Your Business

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for years, referrals are one of the easiest ways to grow your business.

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How to Start Freelancing or Consulting From Scratch

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3 Painless Scripts to Free Yourself of Problem Clients

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A Tiny Guide to Infusing Word-of-Mouth Marketing into Your Business

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How to Communicate Your Expertise Without Sounding Arrogant

Many of the most talented people are the worst at communicating their expertise. Here is a tool to make it easier.

How to Optimize Your Contact Page to Get More Leads and Sales

Most contact pages suck, lessons from evaluating 1,866 website's contact forms.

The Secret Art of Asking for Advice (and Mentorship)

Asking for advice isn't easy. Here is how to effectively ask for advice and mentorship.

How to Position Your Business to Charge Premium Prices

Learn how to position your products and services to support higher prices.

How to Know If Your Business Will Be Successful

Two personality traits that underpin business success.

How to Take Control of Your Business and Life

Your relationship with discomfort determines how much comfort you have in your life.

Urgent vs Important: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

If you feel overwhelmed chases are you're confusing what is important with what is urgent.

How to Overcome This Common Communication Mistake

Understanding the curse of knowledge is key to effective communication.

How to Avoid Social Quicksand and Stand Out from the Crowd

Thoughts on escaping the expectations of others to live a happier life.

How to Overcome These 4 Common Business Objections

Facing objections is part of selling anything. Here we talk about how to overcome the 4 key types of objections you will encounter.

How to Sell — Even if You're an Introvert (or an Extrovert)

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How to Get More of the Right Customers

How to avoid problem clients and attract more great customers.

Negotiation: A Simple Guide to Raising Your Prices

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How to Protect Your Time Without Losing Friends

Implement a 'double opt-in' to reduce requests for your time.

How to Turn Strangers into Customers

Your best customer is probably someone you haven't met yet.

How to Avoid Problem Clients

Use these 4 client archetypes to identify problem clients before you work with them.

How to Promote Yourself Online... Even When You Don't Feel Like an Expert

If you don't toot your own horn AT LEAST sometimes when you're starting out there won't be any music.

These Two Decision Styles will MAKE or BREAK Your Business

The difference between Maximizers vs Satisficers and how to make happier decisions.

Website Credibility: How to Build a Credible Website

Tips for tailoring your consulting or freelancing website to be more credible.

Break Through Business Barriers with a Simple Marketing System

A 7 step marketing system that can be used to grow any business.

Small Talk: How to Answer This One Extremely Important Question

"What do you do?" is a common question here is a script you can use to effectively answer it.

Storytelling for Fun and Profit

How to use persuasive storytelling to amplify your business's marketing.

Problem Awareness: How to Custom Tailor Your Marketing to Increase Sales

A framework for understanding which customers you should be targeting and their awareness of the problem you solve.