Small Talk: How to Answer This One Extremely Important Question

small-talkHow many times have you been at an event and had someone ask you this dreaded question:

So, what do you do?

For a lot of people, this question seems like simple small talk.

In reality, this question is a huge opportunity for you to help build your business.

Watch this video to learn all about out a simple, research-backed[1] formula to how you should answer this common question along with fun insights for you to help grow your business.


I (what you do) for (who you serve) so that they can (master, overcome, defeat) their (struggling point) to gain (a huge benefit).

Now, I’ve got homework for you…

Step 1: Use the formula presented in the video to create a simple script that you can use in social situations to help you communicate what you do, who you serve, and the results you get.

Step 2: Post your script in the comments below.

Bonus: Practice your script with the next person you meet and report back with your results.

To your success,