How to Protect Your Time Without Losing Friends

Implement a 'double opt-in' to reduce requests for your time.


Productive time is the life blood of any business. (click to tweet)

We all want to have more productive time on our hands and I have come to find that there are really just two ways to becoming more productive with our time:

  1. Set Good Rules
  2. Follow Strict Routines

With this in mind, it is time to share a simple rule that you can use to minimize distractions while still making sure your friends feel important.

This rule is called "Double Opt-in For My Attention" and it has transformed the way that I protect my time and drastically increase the amount of my productive time. Upon implementing this rule, I think you'll be able to see similar results.

Word-for-Word Email Script

Here is the exact "double opt-in" email template that I use in my business:

Hey [name], I'd love to help you with [the project]. It sounds exciting.

Right now, I'm focused on meeting some tight deadlines, but I really want to help you.

Could you ping me with me on [specific day]? I'll have more time to take a look at it then.

Thanks, talk to you soon.

Use this template to help save you time and energy without letting your friends down.

Now, You're the Expert

I'd love to hear about how you protect your time.

  1. What are your rules for protecting your productive time?
  2. What results have you seen?

Add your rules and results in the comments section below.

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Always on your team,

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Published: 2013-10-30