How to Create and Amplify Your Entrepreneurial Luck

Luck has a huge role in your business success. Here we talk about how to become more lucky.


It's "impossible" to predict, but has the power to transform your business.

It can show up via a lucky phone call, the stranger next to you on the plane, or just a casual conversation in a coffee shop.

Yet when Entrepreneurial Luck hits you, you know it...

...but when it's not in your life, or you feel like you "just can't catch a break" it's easy to think you entrepreneurial luck is impossible to control.

But what if that wasn't the case?

A Lesson in Entrepreneurial Luck

When I started my first email business back in college I kept wishing for my “big break” to come along.

I was always hunting for that mammoth client that would grow my modest little company into a multi-million dollar, jet owning, powerhouse.

I had big visions and I was hustling, but it just wasn’t happening.

At the time, I provided a service that people really loved and got value from, but I just wasn't getting the business I felt "I deserved."

And then it hit me as I was standing in line to pay for groceries.

I realized that the reason I was stuck eating PB&Js and not on my way to "success" was because I was so afraid of getting rejected.

I was afraid of being uncomfortable and I was waiting for clients to find me instead of building a marketing system to attract them.

In essence I was “wishing” for luck — instead of putting myself in situations where I could get lucky.

Creating Entrepreneurial Luck

Today I know without a doubt that luck is required for any business to be truly successful, and I think a lot of people undervalue its importance.

That being said, as an entrepreneur you can multiply your changes of getting lucky by doing the uncomfortable, taking risks, and putting yourself out there.

For me the simple shift of moving away from mindlessly browsing the internet hoping clients would find me toward building a repeatable system to attract clients, transformed my business.

How to "Get Lucky" In Business Today

Frat jokes aside (I think I've said "Get Lucky" enough times in this post and video to make my mom blush), if you want to "get lucky" or amplify your luck in business here are 5 simple things you can start doing today:

  1. Send a cold (or semi-warm) email to an potential ideal client.
  2. Sign up for HARO and respond to 1-2 leads a day.
  3. Email 2-3 people outside of your vertical to guest post.
  4. Followup with your clients and ask for referrals with the [referral engine](/assets/pdfs/referral-engine-by-nick-reese.pdf.
  5. Email 1 person who influences your ideal client's decisions. (Start by understanding their problem awareness.)

Making Entrepreneurial Luck a System

If you do any of the 5 action points above today then you may see results... or you may not.

But, if you make it a habit of doing them, then entrepreneurial luck is almost a guarantee.

Sooner or later, you'll get a big break that makes a huge difference... and more often than not you'll get a few "big" breaks a month.

That's why in every business I build and advise we focus on doing 2 things to embed entrepreneurial luck into the "soul" of the business.

  1. Every day we focus on getting the important stuff done instead of getting caught up in the urgent.
  2. Every day we do one thing to put our business in a situations where we can "get lucky."

Examples of Luck Creating Systems:

Here are some luck creating systems I've used:

In every business it possible to setup a system for creating luck, you just have to decide what your ONE THING will be and make it a system of implementing it every day.

Always on your team,

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Published: 2014-05-12