How to Turn Strangers into Customers

Your best customer is probably someone you haven't met yet.

strangers into customers

The success of any freelancer, consultant, or executive really boils down to two key abilities:

  1. Your ability to get your business in front of strangers, and
  2. Your ability to convert those strangers into customers.

It's a simple concept but so many people struggle with this process, especially when it comes to bringing the right customers into their business.

To show you how you can be both selective with your clients and still have a high conversion rate, I've done a simple but practical interview with my close friend Peter Shallard.

Throughout the interview, we take a peak inside the ingenious system that helped propel Peter's brand to becoming a $xxx,xxx.xx a year business.

We call this system his "Ideal Customer Acquisition Strategy" and it is designed to bring more of the right customers into his business while weeding out all of the problem ones.

The system is something that you can implement in your business, too.

The interview covers:

  1. The three iterations of Peter's customer acquisition process.
  2. What worked and what didn't. (Conversation Rates, Effort, Time, Systems.)
  3. Our recommendations for someone who is just starting out.

Building a Customer Acquisition Strategy:

As you build your Ideal Customer Acquisition Strategy funnel, here are some great tips you can keep in mind to make sure that you're doing it right:

To your success,

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Published: 2013-10-23