In-Depth Guides

High impact strategies that get results

I read a lot. But as much as I love books, there are few things I hate more than an author just writing to “fill the pages.”

These guides are the opposite of that.

Never more than 20 pages long, these guides are designed to be concise and immediately actionable.

No fluff, just what you need to know and how you can implement it in your business and life.

Below you’ll find a few of the guides I’ve released so far:

Premium Positioning Guide

picture-perfect-positioning-complete-cover-smallPositioning is the “secret sauce” that allows some freelancers to charge 2-3x what others do.

In fact, it’s so important that I’ve been known to say that having good positioning is like playing a video game on easy mode.

In this 13 page guide, you’ll learn:

  • What positioning is and why it matters.
  • The “Coca-Cola frame” or the one frame that you should view your positioning strategy through.
  • Tangible value vs Intangible value and which you should be focusing on.
  • Why “the P word” isn’t bad… I’m talking about Profit.
  • Thorough walk-through of the 4 steps to building a perfect positioning strategy.
  • And 19 pointed questions to help guide your positioning strategy.

The Cold Shower Challenge Guide

Cold Shower Challenge

I know taking cold showers for 30 days sounds crazy… but it’ll dramatically change your business.

Here’s why: Each day, you reach out and turn on the cold water… or you don’t.

And after about the 5th day of turning the cold water on… you realize that cold showers are everywhere.

The item that’s been on your to-do list for a month, another cold shower.

Making a big life change, another cold shower.

Firing a problem client, another cold shower.

Revamping your marketing, another cold shower.

And so on.

So far thousands of people have taken the cold shower challenge… maybe you should too.

The Referral Engine Guide

Your DownloadReferrals are the best type of marketing you can get as a freelance consultant. The only problem is that they are often unpredictable and generally only come from a handful of clients.

In this guide, I share with you the simple system I developed when building my first consulting business that increased referrals 300%.

Simply put it’s powerful, so powerful I’ve been told I should charge for this guide. (maybe I will someday)

Anyways, if you want more referrals from your existing clients, then look no further. This guide is literally a “tiny tweak that gets massive results.”

The Guide to Motivation Filters

The Guide to Motivation FiltersThere are good clients and there are BAD clients. If you want to keep your sanity as you build your freelance consulting career, then you must know how to spot the BAD clients before they enter your business.

In this guide I show you the comically simple 3 step system you can use to weed out problem clients.

If you are struggling with attracting the wrong clients, then implement this system today because by tomorrow you’ll be able to filter out the wrong clients with ease.

The Impact Planner

The Impact PlannerI guess this doesn’t qualify as a “guide” but this a simple weekly planner I designed years ago that transformed my business.

It’s based on a simple premise, in life and in business there are 2 types of tasks: important ones and urgent ones.

  • Important tasks make a noticeable difference.
  • Urgent tasks have a short timeline.

The problem is that when you work for yourself the urgent tasks generally seem the most important… so they get the most attention.

This results in the feeling of getting stuff done… but always being stuck in “catch up mode.”

I call this the “treadmill of productivity” and it isn’t healthy… in fact it’s more of a death trap.

This simple planner will help you pull the plug because it forces you to figure out what’s REALLY important vs what is really just urgent.