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Building a brilliant marketing strategy for a business is hard.

Don’t let anyone fool you.

To do it right takes a ton of hard work, heavy lifting, and dedication…

…But having a good positioning strategy can make once foggy and “shot from the hip” marketing decisions clear and unified.

In fact, I’ve been known to say: having a good positioning strategy is like playing a video game on easy mode.

But, until now I’ve never had a simple guide on how to build an effective strategy… without asking someone to read a 300 page academic book.

That is why I’ve created this simple 13 page PDF. In it you’ll learn:

  • What positioning is and why it matters.
  • The “Coca-Cola frame” or the one frame that you should view your positioning strategy through.
  • Tangible value vs Intangible value and which you should be focusing on.
  • Why “the P word” isn’t bad… I’m talking about Profit.
  • Thorough walk-through of the 4 steps to building a perfect positioning strategy.
  • And 19 pointed questions to help guide your positioning strategy.

Overall I think this some of the best content I’ve created so I’m excited to see what you do with it.

I’ll talk to you soon,

PS. I’ve had multiple people tell me I should be charging for this guide, so I can’t promise it will always be free.

In short — If you’re reading this, then make sure to snag your copy now.